Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is the biggest island in Vietnam. I have visited the island two times and it’s always nice to me. Thanks to the fact that it’s close to the equator, I can enjoy the warm weather almost every day if I live here.

Some fun facts

Before the island connected to the national electricity grid, people had relied on fishing and agriculture. After that day in 2014, the tourism sector has grown faster than anywhere in the country. With that change, a lot of resorts and hotels have opened up, you can find well-known hotel brands like Novotel, InterContinental, Marriott, Meliá, etc. Then, that creates a lot of job opportunities for local people.

A funny money game also happened here several times: rich local people try to earn quick money by unauthorized documented real-estate transactions. Some people won the game, but others lost severely. Well, that’s just the zero-sum game. However, even so, I still have a big belief that the island will continue thriving.

My exploring

The most enjoyable time may be sunset. It’s always stunning. Every time I looked at back sunset photos in Phu Quoc, they trigger a lot of great feelings.

The island has both forest and beaches (without many people) to explore. As a result, having a car or a scooter then touring around the island is also an amazing experience:

The road in the forest!

On the sea, diving is my most favorite piece in both the north and south areas:

Staying in a floating house and eating seafood is a perfect combination:

Next time

This is my to-do list for future visits:

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