Poland – One Year Ago

It has been one year since the day I visited Poland. Poland is not a strange name with people in my country. I am not sure if this is good or bad. However, my country and Poland used to have a strong tie, at least in terms of ideology, before USSR was collapsed. Many people from my country are still living here, and even some of them have made a big fortune.

Nonetheless, this trip was very special because I was treated so well by Maciej. WordPress has brought Maciej and me together in the previous company, then again in the current company. His awesome wife Kel did the trial in my company around this time, and not too long after that later we have been co-workers.

Let me walk through a bit of memory although I would have published this post sooner 🙂


Warsaw is the biggest and busiest city of Poland. To be honest, it’s not so big and busy as my country’s third biggest one.

A panorama view and music in Saxon garden.
On the way from Warsaw to Wrocław. It looked like a small road trip.
We had dinner in this nicely wooden house before reaching Wrocław.


Wrocław under my eyes:

Music in the old town of Wrocław.

When I was at Maciej’s home:

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