Greeting the Holidays with a Run

In Vietnam, last week, we had two holidays together with two weekend days. I expected that Hanoi would be less crowded when people flocked to their hometowns or went somewhere for resting. In the case, you do not know, Hanoi is always super crowded and its air is even as bad as Beijing. I really wanted to grab this chance and enjoy the less-people atmosphere with a run around the biggest lake in the city – West Lake.

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From 2km to 21km

“Hey, just 2km, why not 20km?”

That was my first idea of getting myself to 21km non-stop running aka half-marathon.

The interesting point is that this idea came out in the tough time preparing for the current job with this quote in the company:

“I am in a marathon, not a sprint, and no matter how far away the goal is, the only way to get there is by putting one foot in front of another every day. Given time, there is no problem that’s insurmountable.”

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If you want to be great, you’re responsible for making yourself great

If you want to be great, you’re responsible for making yourself great.

This is one of many interesting statements in the book called Code Complete. In reality, this is true for the personal development, not just for the software people. This book gave me the detailed instructions and practices to be great in the software industry.

I am not going to write a book review here. If you expect something like that, Goodreads is always a friend. Instead, I will note down something for myself.

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Trash vs Bin

A real story!

British: The other thing is that absolute rubbish is being put into Bin too.

American: Can you clarify what you mean by Bin here? Do you mean the Trash?

British: You’ll see from the screenshot, on my blog it is called Bin. Are they the same?

Vietnamese: Yes, they would be the same. It seems this is the difference between English US (trash) and English UK (bin).

Behind the scene of Vietnamese: Trash vs Bin – LOL, here it is.


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LOL – More than a Cup of Coffee for this Morning

LOL – More than a cup of coffee for this morning 😀

Soledad under my first impression was something like a victory or a triumph. Well, that was my first imagination created by the Westlife song – 10 years ago and more.

A computer language and a human language, how fun do they have the common things?

“…If nothing else, learning a new language is like traveling overseas: You get to see new things, taste new food, enjoy a different culture, have stimulating conversations with different people, see neat stuff, then come back home to re-evaluate your usual surroundings.”

Quote from

Song The loneliness (my Soledad today)

What’s the Fun Today?

Sometimes I ask myself “What’s the fun today?”

In the working environment, as a supporter (customer service), that is usually “2 bad ratings from clients in a single day”.

It’s “fun” because I feel not fair. Try my best to give the useful info, but when the clients are so aggressive, you must try to be naive as much as possible 😀

But Bill Gates also said “Life is not fair”.

So I am trying to make “fun” funny in reality 😀

Again, WTF WTF (be careful, I mean What’s the fun?)!

Update: After some days, I felt much thankful because of this customer 😀

A compliment from our customers.
A compliment from our customers.