Greeting the Holidays with a Run

In Vietnam, last week, we had two holidays together with two weekend days. I expected that Hanoi would be less crowded when people flocked to their hometowns or went somewhere for resting. In the case, you do not know, Hanoi is always super crowded and its air is even as bad as Beijing. I really wanted to grab this chance and enjoy the less-people atmosphere with a run around the biggest lake in the city – West Lake.

My stats.
My stats.

One round of the lake is 14km (8.7 miles). I could run 11.5 km only because I got injured. 11.5 km is not the longest distance I have made, so I think my preparation was not too good.

In the end, I enjoyed a cup of coffee with friends, rain, and even falling leaves.

It was raining a bit. Not a perfect photo, but the atmosphere was excellent.

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