A Look Back: My Team Meetup at Antibes

In the last week of February, my team had the annual meetup in Antibes, France. As you might know, I am working in a completely remote company, and we meet each other in person around two times per year. That’s why this retreat is super important, which helps build trust and increase our productivity.

I am glad that I was on the team with too-good-event-planning people. We spent time for discussing issues in the division, sharing the working tips, hanging out in the evening, playing a lot of funny games on Jackbox.TV, playing the escape game, etc.

I enjoyed French Riviera food, sightseeing, sea, snow, and jogging. LOL, I was too lucky to see snow in a southern city of France in February.

Let’s what we did via my iPhone. You can see more here and here from my teammates.

JPOP Water is my team name. Note: JPOP is not interpreted as Japanese POP, it’s just the abbreviations of our product division name. LOL.
Meeting table in the biggest suite. The outside view is really stunning – see the featured image of this post.
Picasso Musem.
My teammates under Water. Image credit to CK.
We missed the Absethin tasting, so we came here – where we could try a lot of beers. I knew the Untapp app where I was here also (Props to Richard).
The center of Antibes.
Fresh (raw) oysters. Yay!
Got lost in a garden in the nearby city – Juan-les-Pins.
We consumed a lot of champagnes and beers.
Gaming every evening.
I think this is the best view to see the city from the coast.
My jogging.
Excellent food and local craft beers! Last day, then we got back home 😦

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