A Look Back: My Team Meetup at Antibes

In the last week of February, my team had the annual meetup in Antibes, France. As you might know, I am working in a completely remote company, and we meet each other in person around two times per year. That’s why this retreat is super important, which helps build trust and increase our productivity.

I am glad that I was on the team with too-good-event-planning people. We spent time for discussing issues in the division, sharing the working tips, hanging out in the evening, playing a lot of funny games on Jackbox.TV, playing the escape game, etc.

I enjoyed French Riviera food, sightseeing, sea, snow, and jogging. LOL, I was too lucky to see snow in a southern city of France in February.

Let’s see what we did via my iPhone. You can see more here and here from my teammates.

JPOP Water is my team name. Note: JPOP is not interpreted as Japanese POP, it’s just the abbreviations of our product division name. LOL.
Meeting table in the biggest suite. The outside view is really stunning – see the featured image of this post.
Picasso Musem.
My teammates under Water. Image credit to CK.
We missed the Absinthe tasting, so we came here – where we tried a lot of beers. I knew the Untapp app when I was here also (Props to Richard).
The center of Antibes.
Fresh (raw) oysters. Yay!
Got lost in a garden in the nearby city – Juan-les-Pins.
We consumed a lot of champagnes and beers.
Gaming every evening.
I think this is the best view to see the city from the coast.
My jogging.
Excellent food and local craft beers! Last day, then we got back home 😦

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