Next Look Back: The First Days of Spring in Paris

From Lyon, I got up early, moved to the train station, and started moving to Paris. I was lucky when selecting this early train. The scene outside was amazing, which was a mix of sunrise, fog, and green lawn. I even thought “Wow, I could not believe I can see this with my real eyes”. That was definitely a great start for an attractive capital.

Impressive museums, beautiful buildings, adorable streets, and… pretty unsafe feeling

I could not say how much I was impressed with the huge museums like Louvre and Orsay. Well, that was my first time to see big museums with tons of arts and exhibitions like that. If I want to entertain all the great things they offer, it may take me two or three days at each museum.

Although the weather was still cold, walking on Paris streets was enjoyable for me. The streets were too viable and adorable to me: Champs-Élysées, Le Marais area, and every street I could not remember. Buildings are spectacular like Notre-Dame, Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, Arc de Triomphe, etc.

Besides, many policemen and soldiers with weapons patrolled streets and high-profile buildings, which definitely created the unsafe feeling for me. It’s like a terrorist could throw grenades anytime.

Just-in-time Flight

I nearly missed my flight because of an issue with the railway system. I trusted the railway system of Paris and did not see any issue in the previous days, then decided I would go to the CDG airport by train. Then suddenly there was an issue with the railway. Time went and people on the train did not know what happened and it was still like 20km away from the airport. I tried to look upon the map, no way to catch up any bus. Then I needed to call Uber with the hope that I could not go to the airport on time. God was with me, Uber was on time, and I could finish a ton of complicated check-ins in CDG with zero redundant minutes. Such, not a great ending but still look forward to coming back to this beautiful city.

Such a relief when boarding on-time.
Such a relief when boarding on-time.

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