LOL – More than a Cup of Coffee for this Morning

LOL – More than a cup of coffee for this morning 😀

Soledad under my first impression was something like a victory or a triumph. Well, that was my first imagination created by the Westlife song – 10 years ago and more.

A computer language and a human language, how fun do they have the common things?

“…If nothing else, learning a new language is like traveling overseas: You get to see new things, taste new food, enjoy a different culture, have stimulating conversations with different people, see neat stuff, then come back home to re-evaluate your usual surroundings.”

Quote from

Song The loneliness (my Soledad today)

What’s the Fun Today?

Sometimes I ask myself “What’s the fun today?”

In the working environment, as a supporter (customer service), that is usually “2 bad ratings from clients in a single day”.

It’s “fun” because I feel not fair. Try my best to give the useful info, but when the clients are so aggressive, you must try to be naive as much as possible 😀

But Bill Gates also said “Life is not fair”.

So I am trying to make “fun” funny in reality 😀

Again, WTF WTF (be careful, I mean What’s the fun?)!

Update: After some days, I felt much thankful because of this customer 😀

A compliment from our customers.
A compliment from our customers.