Everest Base Camp

After spending some days at WC Kathmandu, I was going to EBC – Everest Base Camp. EBC is really like “been there done that” without much to see. But the whole journey to it was a unique experience.

I could see the landscape changing from green (a lot of trees), to grey (small trees), to white (mix of ice and stone).

I could feel the less-oxygen air and overcome it.

I could know that the 5-star price and non-star service can go together.

I could have 24 hours without any internet at all (no way to get it).

I could fail when something was too hard for me.

I could face many types of things in almost the same time: cold, sunny, dusty, windy, and snowy.

I could (a lot of verbs here).

I am definitely not the best in this world, but I am better than myself of yesterday. I came to EBC with my guide but a lot of others are really “hard-core.” They go there without any guide person, just the map, and their braveness.

Each day on the trip was interesting for me; each day was a challenge with the different things on the way.

I did well for the whole trip except the last day. From the highest rest point, I could not go to Kala Patthar, from which I would have the best view of Everest. I could not breathe due to the less oxygen in the air. And I felt very tired coming from this point to EBC. At least, I could make it to EBC.

Even so, the trip was boring in the evening. It was cold outside in the evening and nothing to do. People usually slept at 8 pm. Therefore, I could have more time to think about what’s next for me and read more books. It was not bad at the end.

I am thinking about the next challenge. Before that, let’s take a look at some interesting videos during my trek. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Everest Base Camp

  1. Wow. That’s one dangerous journey. High altitude is no joke. Glad you made it back :). There’s no point in reaching your planned destination, risking your life. The success here is that you made it back.

    One of my former co-workers risked death when he tried to climb Annapurna. He continued pushing even though he was suffering from altitude sickness. Thank God he made it back. He shared that it was the stupidest decision to ignore your body and risk death.

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